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Interactive Brokers strives to provide the best deal on bonds by passing through to our clients the highest of all bids and lowest of all offers we receive from the electronic venues we access. We do not widen spreads, apply hidden fees or mark up quotes. IBKR clients can also interact with each other by placing bids and offers and negotiating online to execute their trades. Our new IBKR Bond Scan (さらに…)

Amazon API ver5.0への移行通知が来た (ホワイトカラー業務は英語ができないと辛い)

Hello associate, This is a reminder that you must complete the upgrade to Amazon’s Product Advertising API version 5.0 (PA API 5.0) by March 9, 2020. We have identified that in the past 30 days at least one of your applications was making calls to PA API 4.0. PA API 5.0 is a more simple, granular, and consistent API that enables you to quickly and easily link your content to Amazon. Key Features & (さらに…)

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◾︎企業隠語一覧 GS→ゴールドマンサックスMS→モルガンスタンレー街→シティ悪戦→アクセンチュア商事→三菱商事物産→三井物産赤→三菱UFJ銀行緑→三井住友銀行青→みずほマリン→東京海上日動野菜→野村(證券、不動産)やわらか銀行→ソフトバンク√→リクルート遺伝子→DeNA — 荒井さん (@fight_arai) February 10, 2020   I have been headhunted by the Holdings division in anyone of these list. Now where is it (almost the answer)? In addition, I hate vegetables. === @西園寺貴文(憧れはゴルゴ13)#+6σの男     "make you feel, make you thi (さらに…)